Omg otw na ko, babe. ♥ woo HAHA.

Omg otw na ko, babe.  woo HAHA.

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Hopeless Romantic ♥
This person is in love with love. She believes in fairy tales and love.She's not to be confused as a stalker nor creepy. She is idealist, a sentimental dreamer, an imaginative and fanciful when you get to know her. She often live with rose colored glasses on. She make love look like an art form with all the romantic things she do for her special someone.
Chels. Ignacian marian. Fifteen. Minsan nang naloko. Pero bumangon ulit at natuto. Mabait akong tao. Pero depende pa din yung ugali ko sa trato mo. Backread bago husga. Wag bits please, okay? :)